Las becas para el pago de la matrícula de la edición 30 del Master en Propiedad Intelectual e Innovación Digital de la Universidad de Alicante, Magister Lvcentinvs, han sido publicadas.Más información aquí.

The scholarships for enrolment fees of the 30th edition of the Master in Intellectual Property and Digital Innovation of the University of Alicante, Magister Lvcentinvs, have been published. More information here.

CASE 735/21 TJUE

(Image included in PRESS RELEASE No. 92/23 regarding case T-735/2).

The Batman logo: the evidence submitted to the General Court is not sufficient to show that the EU trade mark representing a bat in an oval surround was devoid of distinctive character on the date of filing of the application for registration For the relevant public, that distinctiveness makes it possible to associate, according to EUIPO, the goods covered by the trade mark with DC Comics and to distinguish them from those of other undertakings.

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